Cooling Your Home This Summer With the Cyclone Booster Fan PLUS

Almost every central air home lacks sufficient ventilation. Some rooms may be more in need than others. Even with well-designed cooling systems, there is usually at least one room in the house that lacks proper airflow. That’s bad airflow! Even the best homes have it. The Cyclone Booster Fan PLUS boosts the air from the vents outward into the rooms where it is needed most, making every room in your home equally comfortable, exactly the temperature set.

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Why Spring Cleaning is Good For More Than Just your Physical Health (And Some Hacks to Help!)

It’s official! Spring is here! One of the best things that one can do for their health is to air out their living spaces and clean out all the dirt and dust that has accumulated during winter. As ventilation experts, we know how important a clean home is, for much more than just physical health.

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We Are Proud to Sponsor This Year’s Midwest Build Week Virtual Conference

Cyclone is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2021 Midwest Build Week Online Conference – the largest virtual event covering projects and opportunities for the construction industry across both Chicago and the Midwest. As with many events this year, the event is to be hosted online, and will have thousands of attendees, who will have the opportunity to network and stay informed about the latest trends and developments across the built environment.

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