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How do I sync my booster fan with my air conditioner?

For Summer Seasons

Step 1. Set your Cyclone booster fan to “COOL”

Step 2: If the floor register you are replacing with the booster fan has weak air coming through it turn the dial on the Booster Fan Plus until it is between the red and blue line.

Step 3: Place it into the floor register opening. Shortly after your air conditioner begins to run check it to see if the booster fan is running as well. If it turns on while your air conditioner is on than you may proceed to the next step. If not you will need to move the dial towards the red ever so slightly and repeat step 3. NOTE: the thicker the line red or blue the less sensitive the sensor becomes and requires stronger air flow for the booster fan to turn on.

Step 4: Check to see if the booster fan turns off a few minutes after your air conditioner has stopped running. If it does not shut off, than ever so slightly move the dial towards the thicker part of the blue line. Repeat Step 3 and check to see if the booster fan turns off shortly after your air conditoner stops running. If it does you are all set!

What is the difference between filter and non-filter range hoods?

Filter range hoods have a tightly coiled mesh filter that traps grease and oil, but reduces the fans power. Also the grease and dirt builds up and the filter becomes smelly and ineffective until replaced. Cyclone`s filter-less range hoods do not recycle air into the house but rather use grease cups that collect the grease for convenient disposal. Charcoal filters recycles the air rather than having it vented outside of the house, and are much less effective and powerful than both filter-less range hoods and those with mesh filters.

Can I install a Cyclone Range Hood myself?

Installing a Cyclone Range Hood is fairly straightforward and each machine does come with detailed installation instructions. However installing a range hood on ones own is not recommended for those who are novices in electrical or handy work.

What is the difference between an under-mount and a canopy range hood?

An under-mount range hood fits underneath the cabinetry, secured to the bottom of the lower shelf. The ductwork is hidden by the cabinetry and vents through the shelves and to outside of the house. A canopy range hood is secured to the wall above the stove, and has a large venting shaft that extends upwards into the ceiling. There is no cabinetry as the canopy hood takes up all of the space above it.

How can I tell the relative power of a range hood?

The power of a range hood is measured by how many cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) of air the machine can draw.

What type of things should I look for in a range hood?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a range hood. The power, or amount of (CFM) cubic-feet-per-minute that the machine can draw is very important along with the relative noise level. The style, colour, material, and overall aesthetics of the fan should be considered, as should the functionality of the fan, such as whether or not it requires a filter. The specific features that a particular fan boasts are important as well such as the warranty, digital control panels, the number of fan speeds, and self-cleaning features.

How do I clean and maintain my Cyclone range hood?

To clean and maintain a Cyclone range hood there are a number of options. First, you can spray a mixture of dishwasher soap and water into the fan blades while the machine is running. The soapy water will run the same path through the machine as the grease, effectively cleaning all of its internal components, and be dispensed in the grease traps for convenient disposal. Second, and most effective, is to manually take the machine apart and thoroughly clean each part by hand. As for the exterior of the machine it is as simple as wiping the surface areas with a damp clothe, buffing it to a nice shine.

How do I get my Cyclone Booster Fan Plus to work?

There are two easy steps to getting your Cyclone Booster Fan Plus working automatically.

Step 1: For Automatic control set the switch to either HOT or COOL, depending on whether you want the fan to activate upon sensing cooling air conditioned air or warm heated air.

Step 2: Tune the TEMPADJUST dial to your desired level of sensitivity NOTE: This may take a few adjustments on your part to get the Booster Fan in-sync with your thermostat; generally the range is about ten degrees from most sensitive to least sensitive in either HOT or COOL mode. For example in HOT mode, on the most sensitive setting the fan will automatically turn on when it senses even slightly heated air, whereas in the least sensitive setting the air would have to be heated significantly. Again, it may take a few adjustments to get the Cyclone Booster Fan in-sync with your thermostat or air conditioning system. For clarification, if the Booster Fan is set to HOT mode it will not turn on immediately with the furnace, rather it will turn on when all of the unheated air is out of the ducts and it begins to sense heated air. Once you have the Cyclone Booster Fan Plus turned to your thermostat you will never have to worry about it again. Just set it and forget it!

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