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Introducing the Cyclone OTR Microwave

July 20, 2022

We are very excited to share our brand new product: the convenient one-touch operated, low-profile, 30” OTR Microwave. Enjoy the attractive and streamlined appearance of Cyclone’s convenient, powerful and quiet 400 CFM CM30LP.

The Auto-cook feature will adjust cooking time and power level automatically and the 400 CFM venting system removes smoke, grease, odours and moisture. Equipped with bright adjustable LED lights, a 12.4 inch turntable and a one- touch add 30 seconds button.

Cyclone Microwave

OTR Microwave Features

• Glass full-touch control panel
• Dual venting (to outside with grease filters or recirculating with charcoal filter), both filters included
• 10 power levels for precise cooking
• 3 auto cooking settings
• 3 snack menus settings
• 2 pre-set defrost settings
• 2 speed (High-Low-Off) venting system
• Easy-clean interior with “Diamondback” wall design for even heating
• Stylish “pocket handle” integrated into the door for a clean look
• 2 LED cooktop lighting levels
• “Add 30 seconds” button
• “Turntable ON/OFF” option for extra
large dishes
• “Child safety lock” feature
• LED interior lighting
• Built-in kitchen countdown timer with alarm and digital clock

If you have questions or want to learn more about the OTR Microwave from Cyclone, you can see the product page here. Additionally, feel free to contact us. We’re ready to help you choose the best appliances for your home.

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