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Selecting the Ideal Range Hood To Match Your Unique Cooking Needs

January 15, 2021

Having proper ventilation in our homes has perhaps never been more important. Talking to our customers, we’ve found many are not selecting the correct model to ensure it does the best job AND meets their needs. So we’re sharing our expertise on condensation from cooking, and how to select the range hood to do the job right!


When you cook on a stove, the cooking process creates large amounts of warm water vapour. When heating up or frying meat, melting grease can also be converted to vapour and tiny droplets of grease attach themselves to the water vapour as they float up from your stove.

It’s important for this water vapour to be piped out of your house as rapidly as possible before it changes back to water. This is why exhaust fan manufacturers have very explicit requirements for both the minimum diameter and maximum length of the exhaust pipe that connects to your fan to the outdoors.

Most high-quality exhaust fans have high-speed (and sometimes, yes, loud) fans. The fan is trying to blast the water vapour outdoors in just a few seconds as opposed to allowing it to meander through the exhaust pipe on its journey to the great outdoors.

Our Recommendation

If you cook at high temps, you should select a more powerful rangehood to expel all that gas, heat, water vapour and grease outside your home. 

Our PRO series of undermount, wall-mount and insert rangehoods are available with up to 900 CFM of drawing power. This ensures your home and family are protected from toxic and damaging particles, contaminants and chemicals that come from cooking indoors. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our products.

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