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Your Stove Just Needs To Vent

June 5, 2019

Range Hood, most commonly known as a vent hood or exhaust hood, is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. What? Yes, you read it correctly! The fan installed directly above your stove or cooktop provides many important benefits for you and your family. They are designed to remove gasses, odours, heat and steam while you’re preparing a meal, but they go beyond that. We’ve compiled 5 reasons why owning and using a range hood is pertinent to your home health.

Air Quality

The most important and known benefit of a range hood is to keep air clean. They filter and remove hazardous air pollutants that come from cooking, such as smoke, steam and grease. All these can have potentially dangerous side effects if inhaled by whomever is closest to it. In addition to that, Range Hoods cut down the amount of Carbon Monoxide present in your home. CO poisoning can cause flu-like symptoms during short-term exposure or even as far as death with long-term exposure. Range Hoods help to prevent the problem, offering more safety benefits than almost any other appliance in the kitchen.

Excess Heat

Range Hoods help to remove the heat from your kitchen. When on, the vent will remove heat and toxins, keeping your kitchen at a cooler temperature.

Better Lighting

This feature can vary from model to model, but Range Hoods provide optimal lighting for cooking., which helps to ensure what you are making is cooked properly.  The lighting additionally helps with the cleaning of your stove, allowing you to see dirt and grease that if left unattended to, can cause kitchen fires.

Of course, for those looking to make an impression while cooking, high-end range hoods can have different creative lighting effects for both aesthetic and practical purposes.


Another benefit you can gain from a Range Hood is the joy of cooking and spending time in the kitchen. The right equipment can create a clean and comfortable environment and be something you enjoy aesthetically in the home. More than that, a Range Hood gives you the freedom to try new recipes without fearing the airborne repercussions of smell and grease. With a Range Hood, you can experiment those restaurant-quality dishes and utilize your imagination in the kitchen!

Property Value

Considering that kitchens make or break the sale of a property, having the right equipment can add a fair value increase to your home. Range Hoods are expected to be found in every kitchen, and if you don’t have one, you could be hurting your house value in the market.

These are our favorite benefits, but there are many more. With many models available, you can find the right equipment for your lifestyle, and discover even more advantages.

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