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Your Home Ventilation Saviour! Surviving Summer Heat with Cyclone Booster Fans

July 14, 2020

Toronto is turning up the heat! If you’re like many families in Toronto, you’ve been riding this heatwave with us that doesn’t appear to be letting up. Your home ventilation is more important than ever when living through extreme temps.

We’re in the heart of the summer and we love it, but one thing is for sure, the top floor bedrooms of your home are never as cool as in the basement. We’re here to help, with Cyclone Booster Fans!

Let me break it down for you! Here’s how our Booster Fans work:

The airflow throughout your vent system can weaken while trying to disperse through multiple vents. Cyclone Booster Fans boost the air to the rooms that need it the most. It’s a home ventilation solution that can provide relief to those of us with very hot homes in summer.

The Booster has an innovative built-in thermostat that senses airflow and automatically boosts it to maximize efficiency, or blocks it completely to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Help the environment and your wallet!

They work all year round to either heat or cool any space in your home. 

They are easy to install and we even have this video to help you out! 

You can find them on our website here

Here’s just a handful of our happy customers and where you can purchase Cyclone Booster Fan like them!

From Amazon

From Home Depot

From Canadian Tire

Beat the summer heat with Cyclone Booster Fans today!

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