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We’re Really into Fall Cleaning

October 24, 2020

You’ve almost certainly heard of spring cleaning. But, in our opinion, a good, thorough fall cleaning is actually more important. Since we’re all going to spend more time at home this year, we’re focused on all the ways you can make your home a more enjoyable, and healthier space. So with that in mind, we’re giving you our best tips for an effective fall cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning is Key

Of course as ventilation experts, we believe one of the best ways to ensure that the air in your home is clean is to clean the parts of your home that provide you with clean air: the air ducts. Your house can contain millions of dust particles, fibres other allergens. When you do a thorough cleaning of vents in your home, you will not only improve air quality but also save money on heating.  Quick tip: You may want to rent or borrow if your regular vacuum isn’t powerful enough to clean deep into the crevices of the ducts, or you could spring for a professional cleaner.

Some key benefits to cleaning your vents are:

1. Improved Air quality inside your home

We tend to spend more time inside during the winter months as the outdoors become less hospitable and we will also be using our heaters and fireplaces. Over time, dust and other air pollutants will accumulate in your vents and air ducts and the quality of your air will decrease. By getting your air ducts cleaned in the fall, you’re taking the steps to ensure that you and your family are not breathing in those pollutants all winter. This is especially important with the flu season on the horizon.

2. Increased energy efficiency & savings

When your air ducts are not cleaned properly, the HVAC system in your home has to work double duty to provide the ideal temperature. If you get ahead of winter and clean your ducts in the fall, you’re setting up your home ventilation systems for easier performance in the coldest months. This means that you will benefit from more efficiency with a lower heating bill.

3. Reduction of Irritants and Allergy Symptoms 

Unfortunately the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of allergies. Many people who suffer from allergies should take extra care with home ventilation. Luckily, when you do a proper air duct cleaning, you can uncover the presence of mold from leaves caught inside air vents, as well as other potential irritants within your system

Cyclone is Proud To Offer Heat Recovery Ventilators that consistently exchange stale polluted air for clean oxygen-rich air

To take the ventilation in your home to the next level of cleanliness, we highly recommend our DV160 HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators).

You can breathe lovely fresh air all day while still keeping warm (and no unpleasant or chilly drafts from having the windows open). Our air exchanger is designed to constantly remove stale air from any part of your home, while simultaneously bringing in fresh air from outside. Alongside duct cleaning in the fall, adding an HRV to your space will save a bundle on your heating bill. It’s rather easy to install. Simply drill two 5” diameter holes through an exterior wall to connect the damper to the unit and plug in. Get an HRV for an individual room without the cost and hassle of redoing your entire furnace.  You will not only breathe better, but you will also feel better! Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about this product.

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