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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Range Hood

May 21, 2022

Cleaning and maintaining your range hood is vital to keeping it performing well and protecting your home and family from moisture damage, grease build up and airborne contaminants caused by cooking indoors.  Here are a few steps you should take to keep your range hood at peak performance for years to come:

1.      Cleaning the Air Filter

The air filters are the part of your range hood that removes grease and airborne particulates from the air before it is vented outside your home. 

  1. Simply remove the metal filters and place them in an appropriate container filled with enough diluted degreasing solution to cover the filters completely.  Once the grease has been dissolved, either give the filters a thorough wash in warm, soapy water or place them in the plate rack of your dishwasher.  Make sure the filters are completely dry before reattaching them to the range hood.

2.      Cleaning the Range Hood Itself

Cleaning the exterior of your range hood is relatively straight forward.  Ensure that the unit is turned off, along with your cooktop.  A standard stainless steel cleaner or household cleaning spray should suffice.  Do not spray cleaner on the light bulbs or other electrical components.

3.      Cleaning the Vent

The vent leading from the range hood to outside should be checked on a semi-regular basis.  Grease can occasionally build up in the duct and potentially be a fire hazard.  If you suspect grease is building up in your duct contact a cleaning professional as soon as possible to have it thoroughly cleaned.

4.      Preventative Measures

The last tip on this list of range hood maintenance information focuses on stopping issues before they happen. To prolong the health of your range hood, you should:

  • Clean your fan blades on occasion to prevent buildup of dirt and grease. This will help avoid excess stress on your motor and keep it from overheating.
  • Wash the exposed metal often. Warm suds will usually suffice. If surfaces get really greasy, a solution of ammonia and water will do the trick. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly after using this method.
  • Regularly check the vent to keep air flow unrestricted. If you allow grease to build up, it can pose a fire hazard.
  • Clean the filter frequently as it is the part that will collect grease the fastest.

By following this advice, you will have a range  hood that lasts a long time and effectively does the job of keeping your kitchen smoke free and clean.

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