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Making the Most of More Time at Home

October 6, 2020

Since we’re into the second wave of Covid-19 and winter is approaching, it’s becoming clear that we’ll be spending more time at home. So, why not make your living space better than ever before? We looked through our favourite resources for DIY and home improvements tips to create a warm and comfortable space to ride out this wave.

1. Reorganize All That Clutter

There’s never been a better time to ‘Marie Kondo’ your house! The minimalist wonder herself has often talked about the importance of a more organized house for a more organized mind, saying in Forbes Magazine Tame clutter. “A disorganized, cluttered home, not only contributes to stress and anxiety but also lowers productivity,” says Kondo. “Decluttering your home or workspace allows you to declutter your mind as well,” she tells. “In a tidy space, you can focus your energy and attention on what brings you happiness–or, what’s standing in the way of it. An organized space cuts down on time spent searching for what you need–and, as a result, it helps you use your time and energy more effectively,” explains the Emmy-nominated television personality.

2. Spruce up Outdoor Areas

We still have at least a month or so of nice weather ahead to enjoy. And even throughout the winter there are things we can do to enjoy our outdoor spaces. The Spruce offers 10 wonderful ideas for how you can enjoy your outdoor space year round, including fire-pits that won’t break the bank, roofs or enclosures, and holiday decorating.

3.  Tile a Backsplash

Adding backsplash tiles will not only protect the wall behind a sink or oven but you can give you kitchen or bathroom a whole new look in just an afternoon! It’s an easy improvement that really elevates the look of your home. Check out this great Cityline Video for some backsplash inspo.

4. Upcycle Your Vanity

Upcycling is a great way to repurpose and give an old table or chest a second chance. It can also potentially create more storage in the bathroom. Check out this Ideal Home blog for all the instructions!T his is a DIY you can feel great about because upcycling reduces the amount of waste that is dumped in the landfills. It’s a sustainable and gorgeous DIY!

Need More Ideas? Head to the Mecca that is Apartment Therapy.

Apartment therapy originated as a lifestyle blog, and now has an equally phenomenal Instagram account with over 2.5 million followers. It’s a comprehensive source of information to help you live a happier healthier life at home. For us (and we suspect for you too) t’s an ideal place to find ideas and inspiration before you set out to conquer a project in your own home.

Has spending more time in your home helped you release your inner DIY-er? Share some of your projects or ideas with us in the comments!

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