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Imagine you could breathe fresh air all day while at the same time staying nice and warm, without unpleasant drafts or open windows. The Cyclone air exchanger is designed to continuously remove stale air from any space while simultaneously bringing in fresh air from outside. Cyclone’s air exchanger is a simple and efficient air recovery ventilator perfect for large rooms, such as lofts, condos or small commercial spaces. Matches any style office or home and saves lots of energy. Easy to install & plug in, simply drill two 5” diameter holes through an exterior wall to connect the damper to the unit and plug in. Get an HRV for an individual room without the cost and hassle of redoing your entire furnace. Save money and target only the rooms that need it most. Cyclone – breath better, feel better.

  • Specifications


    Speed 1 2 3
    Voltage   100-240 V / 50-60 Hz  
    Power (W) 4.2 9.6 15.4
    Current (A) 0.02 0.04 0.07
    Air Capacity (CFM) 17.7 26.5 35.3
    RPM 1165 1720 2685
    Sensible Recovery Efficiency 79 74 70
    Sones 0.38 0.42 1.0
    Ingress Protection Rating   IP 22  
  • Features

    • 79% sensibility efficiency at 0.38 sones at low speed and max speed 70% SE at 1 sones
    • Axial fans powered by energy-efficient EC-motors.
    • Motors equipped with thermal overheating protection
    • The HRV Single Room features a special thermostat which prevents condensation from freezing
    • Can be used for any room with an exterior wall
    • Ideal for 600 sq. ft. to 1100 sq. ft. spaces
  • Benefits

    • Reduces condensation, moisture, mold & mildew
    • Energy efficient, unit operates with very low energy consumption
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Durable, long-lasting construction
    • Continuous operation, consistently exchanges stale polluted air for clean oxygen-rich air
    • Save money on heating & cooling costs
  • Manuals & Literature

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Cyclone Range Hoods Inc. Warranty has recently been updated. Please see it under the Support Tab For questions regarding the warranty. Please contact us, we are happy to help.