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Cyclone’s Definitive 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

December 7, 2021

We have scoured the internet. We have talked with friends and family. We’ve battle-tested every single product. The result? We put together a highly comprehensive list of holiday gifts that the entertainer or chef in your life would very much appreciate. In order to make it truly comprehensive, we’ve included gifts of all price ranges. Since we took a TON of the research out so that you can shop happy this holiday for your loved ones! We don’t earn commissions off these purchases so this is as objective a guide as it gets! Happy Holidays.

Luxury Gift Guide


Let’s face it. Cuisinart dominates in the kitchen appliance world. It’s allowed us to be innovative and creative in our kitchens and the products are truly made to last. A good stand mixer should last you a very long time. Here’s all our of favourite Cuisinart products, some of which are, happily, on sale right now.

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Cyclone 2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Cuisinart

Cuisinart Pasta Attachment

Cyclone 2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Cuisinart

Cuisinart Immersion Blender

Cyclone 2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Cuisinart

Le Cruset

Cyclone Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Absolutely everyone can use a ‘French Oven’ and Le Cruset makes some of the highest quality cookware on the market today. These products are not cheap but they will last forever if you treat them right. We’ve made EVERYTHING in them from stews and soups to casseroles and pasta sauces. The possibilities are endless. (Oh they also have an awesome French Press that we use every single day).

Air Fryer and Toaster Oven COMBO

Cyclone Holiday Gift Guide 2021

I mean, the name says it all. This bad boy can make all types of insanely delicious foods in a healthier way! It’s a win-win! Even the most picky eaters may be won over by air-fryer veggies.

Moderately Priced Gift Ideas

Holiday Mocktail kit

Whether you’re entertaining guests coming over who don’t imbibe or you’re just looking to cut back on your alcohol consumption, Lyre’s holiday beverages for you. They’re more elevated and than a simple soda and everyone in the house can enjoy them hangover-free!

Indoor Lettuce & Greens Garden Starter Kit

The perfect holiday gift for the foodies or the green thumbs of your life. This amazing home grow kit is easy to use and allows you to keep fresh herbs at hand year-round. The pots are also SO CUTE AND LITTLE and make for an unobtrusive little green space in your kitchen.

Cocktail Mixing Kit

For all those who may wish to partake in festive spirits = over the holidays (or at any special occasion, really), we love the entire vibe over at Cocktail Emporium. Other faves of ours include anything rose gold, and dehydrated fruits for those of us who lack dehydrators.

Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board

2021 holiday gift guide

Perhaps the best part of this charcuterie board is that it comes with so much. The design allow for a variety of portion options, so you can serve smaller or larger gatherings. We also very much appreciated the cheese knives as well. As far as well-rounded serving accessories go, this one was definitely our fave.

Emile Henry French Ceramic Pizza Stone

pizza stone 2021 gift guifde

EVERYONE NEEDS A PIZZA STONE. There, it’s been said. These nifty little stones are key to taking pizza night to a whole other level. This price point is great as well, considering the quality of the stone.

Cheap and Cheerful/Best Value

Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

Of all the juicers you can purchase this is a very good quality juicer for the price point. We love it, and using it frequently. We love that the holder is bigger than many other juicers, resulting in the most juice possible and finally, thee stainless steel parts are still shiny after a year.

White And Blue Ceramic Tunis Spoon Rest

Honestly, what is cuter than this spoon rest? We all need them in our kitchen to protect countertops and reduce messes while we cook. But at $6.99 this is an amazingly nice find for a price that truly can’t be beat.

Dash Mini Design Flower Waffle Maker

waffle maker cyclone range hoods holiday gift guide

Wanna make waffles but not interested in spending a small fortune? We tried this waffle maker and (after making bad batter and messing up a few rounds) we finally nailed the waffles and absolutely loved them. The smaller design is easier to clean and takes up less space in the kitchen: BONUS!

Do you have any other kitchen and entertainment products we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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