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Cooling Your Home This Summer With the Cyclone Booster Fan PLUS

June 15, 2021

Almost every central air home lacks sufficient ventilation. Some rooms may be more in need than others. Even with well-designed cooling systems, there is usually at least one room in the house that lacks proper airflow. That’s bad airflow! Even the best homes have it. The Cyclone Booster Fan PLUS boosts the air from the vents outward into the rooms where it is needed most, making every room in your home equally comfortable, exactly the temperature set.

Compared to the costs of turning down the air conditions and running it non-stop, the savings are really tremendous. Stay cool and comfortable this summer with the Cyclone Booster Fan Plus. Nothing else helps you to save energy and keep heating and cooling costs low. Every room in your home will be equally comfortable, even above the garage!

Key Features of the Cyclone Booster Fan Plus

  • Makes every room in your home equally comfortable
  • Equipped with a built-in thermostat
  • Turns on and off automatically
  • Saves energy and lowers cooling costs
  • Fits all standard vent slots
  • Lowers the overall burden on your air conditioner

To learn more about the Cyclone Booster Fans, visit this page on our website. You can find Cyclone’s Booster Fans at Home Depot and Canadian Tire.

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