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Breathe Fresh with Cyclone’s Bath Fan Collection at the MEET Show 2024

April 30, 2024

Cyclone Range Hoods invites you to discover our innovative bath fan collection at the Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology (MEET) show on May 1st and 2nd, 2024, at the Moncton Coliseum Complex in Booth #393. Cyclone is proud to be part of this biennial event, where connections happen, bringing together professionals from the mechanical and electrical industries across North America.

Efficient Ventilation for Every Home

At Cyclone, we understand the importance of efficient ventilation for protecting your home from moisture and odors. Our HushTone bathroom ceiling fans are designed to efficiently ventilate bathrooms of all sizes, keeping your home feeling fresh and clean.

Introducing Our Latest Models

C50DC: Our most economical model, the C50DC, offers unparalleled value and is perfect for small to midsize bathrooms. It is innovatively designed to be the quietest bath fan on the market at its size, ensuring a peaceful environment in your home.

CBP Series: Quickly remove odors and humidity with our very quiet, ENERGY STAR certified high-performance bath fans. The CBP series, including the CBP80, and CBP110, are equipped with high-density polyethylene fans for quiet operation and long-lasting durability.

ESCBP Series: Cyclone’s new HushTone bathroom ceiling fans feature incredibly quiet plastic fans to efficiently remove polluted and moist air from your bathroom. 

ESCB110-DS: The HushTone ESCB110-DS features a two-speed motor that allows your fan to run continuously at 50 CFM and automatically jumps to its maximum power of 110 CFM when the fan switch is turned on.

CBPD3S100: Remove odors and humidity with our Breathe Better whisper-quiet, ENERGY STAR performance bath fan. Equipped with a polyethylene fan for incredibly quiet operation and long-lasting durability, the CBPD3S100 is perfect for any bathroom.

Visit Us at the MEET Show 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Cyclone’s bath fan collection at the MEET Show 2024. Visit our booth and discover how Cyclone can help you breathe better with our air ventilation solutions for every home. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for updates and behind-the-scenes looks at the event. See you there!

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