HushTone ESCB80M

Bath Fans

Keep the air in your home fresh and circulating at all times. Your incredibly quiet HushTone bath fan will stay on continuously at a very low CFM when left off and will ramp up to its maximum CFM at 80 CFM whenever it is switched on. At the same time save energy and make sure your bathroom is always properly ventilated with motion sensor technology that automatically turns the fan on and off upon entering or exiting the bathroom. As an additional bonus the motion-sensor has a convenient night-light to help you see in the dark.



  • 80 CFM
  • Sones: 0.4
  • Thermal fuse protection
  • Holds special ENERGY STAR approval for energy-saving value
  • Motion sensor for unparalleled convenience


  • Wiring from inside or outside housing with 8” leads
  • 26 gauge galvanized steel housing (corrosion resistant)

Motor and Blower

  • Motor mounted with four anti-vibration grommets
  • Motor comes with a built in overload disconnect for safety and longer motor life
  • Power consumption no greater than 10.6 watts and Energy Star rated efficiency of no less than 7.8 CFM/watt
  • Plug in permanently lubricated motor, engineered for continuous operation


  • Fit any joist from Min.: 12” to Max.: 24” width spans
  • Can be mounted with flange or hanger bars
  • 4” or 6" diameter duct connectors available
  • Heavy duty triple point mounting brackets can be adjusted up to 24 inch joist centers without vibration
  • Premium grille made of rugged polymeric resin for durability & comes with torsion spring clips that help mount grille evenly